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About Access Documents...

Access Documents provides a unique solution to personnel training document management within the construction industry. Our simple web-based system allows sub-contractors to upload all relevant staff training documents at the click of a button and they are then viewable by all the clients that they work for.

It also acts as a full web-based document management system which allows on-site project managers to upload all relevant documentation for their site. It can then be accessed immediately by all other personnel within the organisation that need to be able to view the site file.

How many times have you had workers turned away from a building site for not having the appropriate documentation with them? Well, the Access Document system will ensure that this isn't the case in future.

Also, whilst your employees are on-site you and your clients management can ensure that the employee has the approriate training to carry out tasks, prior to these tasks being undertaken.

We've made it incredibly simple to scan your documents into the Access Document system - it only takes an internet connection, a basic scanner, and just a few clicks of a mouse!

Access Documents
How it works...
Insert your document/certificate into the scanner...

Simply place the document or training certificate in your scanner and log-in to your folder within the Access Documents System

Choose which folder you wish the document to be stored in and click on 'Add Document'...

After you've logged in, choose which folder you'd like to upload the document/certificate to. You are provided with a private folder and a folder that your contractors can have access to.
Click on 'Click Here To Scan Document' and you can use your PCs standard scanning software to scan the document directly into Access Documents...

When you're in the folder you'd like to upload into, click on 'Add Document'. You can then scan the document directly into the system using the scanning software that was provided with your scanner. Your document/certificate will automatically be uploaded to the site and will be converted to a universally accessible PDF file.
Your document will then be visible and, if you wish, the document/training certificate will be available to the main-contractors you work for!

Once you've entered a title and an expiry date for your document (if required) simply click on 'Save' - and that's it! You're document is now stored on the Access Document system. If it has been scanned into the 'Contractors Access' folder your contractors will immediately be able to view it on-line.
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