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Prior to launching Access Documents we contacted a selection of national main-contractors, health & safety and construction representatives to gauge their feedback on the practicalities of using this system. Below are some comments we received...

"It's so simple, it's hard to believe that the construction industry doesn't already have this facility."
- Construction Director

"It's a great way of ensuring that operatives have the appropriate training to carry out works in accordance with health & safety legislation."
- Health & Safety Director

"It will allow all management on-site to check training documents at the click of a button."
- Project Manager

"This will revolutionise the way training documents are passed between sub-contractor and main contractor, and will enable sub-contractors to be notified when training documents expire."
- Construction Director

"At this early stage it would be difficult to insist that this system be adopted, however as it develops and its benefits are seen, it would be hard to engage a sub-contractor who wasn't using this system."
- Health & Safety Director

Our Clients...
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