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Benefits and Features...

There are many benefits to using the Access Documents system along with many great features - here are just a sample of them...

  • Main contractors that you work for can have access to view all your training documents/insurance certificates. No need for your staff to be turned away from a site ever again.
  • It's completely eco-friendly - no need to photocopy/fax training documents every time a member of staff moves to a different site.
  • The system can notify you when documents or certificates are due to expire - never get caught out again!
  • You can store all your private internal documents on the system as well - staff can scan in documents on-site and provide instant access to them back at the main office.
  • The system is entirely web-based and can be accessed through any internet connection - no need to buy expensive equipment or software.
Features -
  • Create unlimited numbers of users.
  • No upload limits - add as many files as required.
  • Documents can be scanned directly into the system from any basic TWAIN scanner (Windows only)
  • You can also upload your existing documents to the system - with no file size restrictions.
  • Documents can easily be e-mailed directly from the interface..
  • Full document search function.
  • Check In / Check Out system - when a document is checked out, no one else can download, edit, or upload the file until you have checked it back in. This allows you to exercise strict version control, so that only one person is revising a file at a time. And, even if a file is overwritten, the system keeps a copy of each revision, allowing you to restore a previous version whenever you need.
  • Works with most web-browsers - including Mac (scanning only available on Windows)
  • All files are safely backed-up daily.
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